Quiz Challenge January 2019(i)

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Quiz Challenge January 2019 (i)

Dr Elaine Wong

10 year old boy presents with a red, painless, but slightly enlarging lesion that has been present for the last 2 years.

What is this?

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Conjunctival Amelanotic Naevus

Conjunctival Naevi are common benign lesions that usually appear in childhood. They are usually located around the interpalpebral conjunctiva and near the limbus. Most naevi are well circumscribed with cystic appearance under the slit lamp.They can appear as non-pigmented (amelanotic) sessile lesion initially and become darker with puberty or pregnancy. This increase in pigmentation may give a false impression that the lesion is growing.
Conjunctival naevi may change with pregnancy or puberty but otherwise should remain stable for life. If the naevus enlarges, has a change in pigmentation or has an increased in vascularity, then the lesion should be surgically removed.